BY NOW, everyone has either heard of, seen, or already purchased a pair of the famous "Hey Dude" shoes. But aside from all the cool colors, styles, and how extremely light and comfortable they are, there's only 1 issue with these shoes. The shoe lace stoppers!

You lose them, they fall off, your dog eats one, and so on. But you can't seem to find them anywhere online or in stores to replace the one you lost! It would drive me insane walking around with only 3 lace toppers instead of 4. It's like only wearing one earring all day and just realizing it after you get home or wearing 2 different colored socks, or wanting a pb&j but only having peanut butter! One isn't complete without the other, it's just disappointing. 

But problem solved! I've taken it upon myself to fill this need of the many "Hey Dude" customers and start making replacement toppers. Working in retail and having customers asking me the same question everyday and then having to tell them " No, I'm sorry about that" is exhausting! Customer satisfaction is very important to me so I felt bad when I had to tell the customer when didn't have what they were looking for. 

But, instead of complaining about having to repeat myself all day, it came to my attention that this is something everyone is looking for that no one has! So now, I has it:)

Introducing, "Nubbies"! The #1 place to get your shoe lace stopper replacements. They are well made and affordable, original yet unique and customizable. Everything from neutral colors to bright and fun colors. You get to add your own special touch to any shoe you wear by adding accessories on your laces!

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